TREE OF LUCK 2$ Niue 2016 Silver Coin 1 Oz Insert Amber

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TREE OF LUCK 2$ Niue 2016 Silver Coin Insert Amber

Technical Specifications:

Year Emission                                                                  1$ Niue Islands 2016.
Mintage                                                                               1.000 pcs.
Silver/Weight                                                                    Ag 999.(31,1gram)
Diameter                                                                               50 mm.

                SiLVER COIN INSERT AMBER

Theme Background:"Our beautiful souvenir coin “Tree of Luck” is a great gift idea. It is loaded with positive energy trapped in the tree resin millions of years ago. In Feng Shui , amber was considered  ‘the soul of the tiger’, and was believed to be the stone of courage. The “Tree of Luck” coin is housed in an elegant etui in the shape of a frame, accompanied by a specially designed cover.Who says money does not grow on trees? According to an old Chinese legend, gold coins growing on the holy tree would fall to the ground like leaves. In Feng Shui, the Tree of Luck is a well-known symbol of affluence, nobility and prosperity. It can bring new opportunities, enhance auspicious energy, protect from money loss and attract good fortune to its holder. Chinese lucky trees are often adorned with coin-shaped designs and oval gemstones. Thanks to this amber-studded talisman your wealth will be well-rooted and growing in a vibrant manner!. TREE OF LUCK - The coin is included in our original  certificate. Mintage of 1,000 pieces.Insert Amber.


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